Y.W.R.A.A. (You were right all along) is a sibling release to Knives, comprised of a series of closed loops and inner monologues of characters pictured in Knives, letters unearthed from company archives, and comments posted on web sites.

Y.W.R.A.A. can be thought of as connective tissue between several different projects, made at a unique historical intersection in the United States as we bear witness to the decline of capitalism, the banality of mass shootings, and mistrust of the institutions that have held the country together.

The body of the this handmade artist’s book consists of images and text rendered as a single ASCII file printed on a continuous sheet of perforated paper, Japanese bound, and accompanied by individual insertions and archival prints.

Each image is located using military grid reference, designating locations like Bagram, Afghanistan; sniper training camps in Utah; the site of the mass killing in Las Vegas; and maximum security prisons.

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